About Me

Looking back, my career choice of Interior Design began in my early teens when my parents gave me the licence to paint and decorate my bedroom. Although it’s gone now, my sky blue sponged wall finished off with a sunflower border is still etched in my mind (I know, so 1990’s).
Fast forward 15 years of study and working through various aspects of the interior design industry, I find myself back where I started, designing bedrooms!
A bit over five years ago (not long after I found out my husband and I were expecting our first child), I was meeting with clients helping them pick colours for their new home. It got to the part where we were choosing paint for a feature wall in their toddlers bedroom when I realised that there was so much more I could offer. From that moment, I started collecting ideas for my own baby’s room and as it turned out, many other nurseries and childrens rooms.
I unashamedly love working with parents to help them design a room for their little one where they can dream, play and grow; knowing we are creating a room for the most precious thing in their life. I understand that my clients want a room that looks good, but is functional. After all, I now have 3 handsome little boys who can make a well organised room look like a disaster zone in minutes!
And just in case you were wondering……licensed characters are strictly prohibited!

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