Monday, May 26, 2014

Bec’s Baby Shower

Back in January, I shared with you some inspiration for one of my besties baby shower.  The event was held in April and I only just realised I still had photos on my camera (not the best quality because it is our spare camera – usually in my husbands ute!).

There were 3 of us involved in the process and it was a really lovely day with the Mum to be.

Baby Shower 2wm

Baby Shower 7wm

Baby Shower 5wm

Baby Shower 6wm

Baby Shower 8wm

Baby Shower 1wm

Baby Shower 3wm

And now I am on tender hooks as I wait by the phone for the ‘baby has arrived’ phone call!

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Rachel said...

Just seen the post and I so much love what you are doing with all the furniture and decoration. Looks so lovely together.Ever thought about going to Nic Scali ( and check out some of their ideas as well as furniture. I think you would really like it.

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