Monday, October 6, 2014

Alec's Coastal Nursery

Late last year, I worked with Alec’s mum to create a coastal inspired nursery.  The brief was to add elements of texture, a subtle seaside and travel theme and keep it soft and gentle.

This is the design board we created:Design Board

And here is the finished result!

Nest Design Studio - Alec

Nest Design Studio - Alec1

Nest Design Studio - Alec2

Nest Design Studio - Alec3

Nest Design Studio - Alec5

Nest Design Studio - Alec6

Nest Design Studio - Alec7

Nest Design Studio - Alec8Nest Design Studio - Alec9

Nest Design Studio - Alec10

Nest Design Studio - Alec11

Nest Design Studio - Alec13

Nest Design Studio - Alec14

Nest Design Studio - Alec15

Didn’t Alec’s mum do a beautiful job of putting it all together?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hugo’s Nursery

I’ve been waiting to show you this nursery!  I think it would have to be one of my all time favourite ones I’ve designed.  It’s classic, modern and perfect for a room that will grow as Hugo does.

When I first visited Hugo’s family, we talked about styles and it was pretty clear that Hugo’s mum was a fan of a classic Hamptons style.  As we were talking 2 things popped into my mind instantly (well 3)……the amazing wallpaper we ended up using and the stunning Nursery works Empire rocker chair (the third was….how the hell am I going to get that from the USA?).

I completed 2 design boards for the client.  1 had more traditional board & batten around the room and the other was the concept we ended up going for with a few adjustments (both below).Design Board a

Design Board b

The nursery was finished quite some time ago, but as I mentioned above, we had the Nurseryworks Empire Rocker imported from USA which took a while to get here.  So it was fabulous once it arrived and I was able to arrange photos of the nursery!

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 7

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 1

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 2

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 9

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 3

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 5

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 6

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 8

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 10

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 14Nest Design Studio - Hugo 11

Nest Design Studio - Hugo 12

It was such a pleasure working with these wonderful clients!


Photography by Louise Treacy

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I’ve been….

doing a whole lot of neglecting this blog and a whole lot of baby growing!

Between chasing after 2 boys,getting clients design completed, running a business, running a home and generally feeling wiped out with this pregnancy…..there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging!

Don’t worry though, I’ve got a few blog posts scheduled for the next week and a bit to try and make up for it because I have 1 week left before I take some maternity leave!

In the mean time….here’s an updated 2 week bump progress photo.  Only 5 weeks to go but unfortunately I missed out on the 32 week once as the whole family has been sick with chest infections (and the last thing I wanted to do was stand in front of the camera!).Fortnightly pregnancy photos

Watch out for tomorrows blog post…..I have one stunning nursery finished to show you!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bec’s Baby Shower

Back in January, I shared with you some inspiration for one of my besties baby shower.  The event was held in April and I only just realised I still had photos on my camera (not the best quality because it is our spare camera – usually in my husbands ute!).

There were 3 of us involved in the process and it was a really lovely day with the Mum to be.

Baby Shower 2wm

Baby Shower 7wm

Baby Shower 5wm

Baby Shower 6wm

Baby Shower 8wm

Baby Shower 1wm

Baby Shower 3wm

And now I am on tender hooks as I wait by the phone for the ‘baby has arrived’ phone call!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For the grown ups

The first few months of the year have seen me designing a lot of rooms for the grown ups…..lots of Master Bedrooms & Living Rooms!

I love that everyone has very individual tastes and requirements!

This first design is still under going some changes and we’ve gone for a simpler colour pallet but I do love the brightness of this one.

Nest Design Studio - Design Board

This living room was designed for one of my oldest friends.  Their current living room is quite dark and we needed to add a few touches of colour to the room but without tizzieness.

Nest design studio - Living

Do you love all the copper that’s around at the moment?  I love the texture of the simple wallpaper.

Design BoardV2

My clients have a really lovely base already for their dining room/family area so it just needed some finishing touches.Nest Design Studio - Family Dining

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen the progress shot my clients sent me for this one (and it’s looking fab!).  We made a few changes to this design (art work is still a colourful option) and have a awesome lamp coming from Portugal (not shown).

Nest Design Studio - Dining Room

I’ve got lots of little rooms to show you as well but we are still playing with some of them!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Unique. Individual. You.

Over the weekend, I was involved with a fabulous discussion on instagram about the need for uniqueness – in this case, in little ones rooms.  Everyone involved was on the same page and I thought there were many great points brought up, so I wanted to share some of them with you.

Here’s the deal, I (we) am pretty tired of seeing the same products used in the same way over and over again.  I TOTALLY get that there are ‘it’ products throughout every month of every year.  There are beautiful products which you will see in so many images (in particular on instagram) of so many different people, that the thing is… gets a bit boring.  You loose the individuality. 

I love that as a kids designer, I’m providing inspiration to lots of people……Mums & Dad’s that don’t necessarily use my services, but appreciate design and want their little ones rooms to look awesome.  But what is important to me, is to stress the fact that you don’t want a cookie cutter room…….one size does not fit all.

When I’m designing a room for my own babies or your babies, I want their room to be as individual as they are.  Do they like ice-cream?  Do they love their pet dog?  Are they AFL fans?  I want to know about things they love, because it’s a way of really creating an individual room.  Just. for. them.

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas7Nikolas’ room incorporated the lion print, because he loves Richmond Tigers.  The decals above the bed were included because of his parents love for NYC.

So what I want you to do, if you are in the process of creating a nursery; a big kids room; a teen room……really think about what they love (or in the case of a nursery, what you as a family love and is special to you).  Just because you might see a room on pinterest or facebook or instagram that you really like the look of it, don’t aim to replicate.  Take the elements you love and then add your special bits.  The pieces or prints etc, that you know are going to turn into memory pieces.

Nest Design Studio - H & C27Hugh & Charles gallery wall incorporated a rule print because I want them to grow up and be gentlemen.  It also includes a tractor print which is their favourite tractor from our farm and the be strong and courageous as an inspiration piece.

Personally for my own kids, whenever I’ve started thinking about their nursery or bedroom, I think about what’s around now…….and then I go the opposite way.  Hugh’s nursery was all about trees and owls, because at the time it wasn’t done (I’m talking 5 years ago).  Charles’ nursery had a bold feature wall with red dotted through it and when it was time to create their shared room, triangle decals were just starting to come onto the scene and black wasn’t really done in kids rooms.  My little ones rooms are about showing you something different, pushing the ‘norm’.  And now that I’m in the process of designing my own final nursery, I’m doing that again.  Thinking ‘what is common, what products are being used over and over again’. 

Nest Design Studio - Isabella4Isabella love ballet, so we used some sweet ballerina prints above her bed.

I try not to use a product twice and I try to keep it quite budget friendly for my designs.  It’s tricky, but that’s why clients hire me.  I have about 2,500 cushions saved in my favourites file, I shudder to think about how many prints I have saved!  Every single client, I go through these files and think about their brief and what suits them…..not what’s the hottest trend that I can make work in their room.

Design is something I love.  I studied Interior Design & Decoration after year 12….kids interiors is not a business I fell into.  I’ve been in the design ‘world’ for 14 years now – various aspects but aspects all the same! 

So the moral of the story is; be unique. be individual. be you.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1/2 way there!

20 weeks…..done! 

I’ve known I was pregnant since I was 4 weeks (after feeling queasy coming home from a girls weekend away and I knew it wasn’t the alcohol and I don’t get car sick) so I wish I had taken photos from the very start.  I guess I was afraid I would jinx the pregnancy.  I had scares at 5 & 6 weeks with lots of bleeding and was quite sure I had miscarried again (even told friends that I had lost another bub).

But things progressed much to our relief.  So at 8 weeks I started taking photos every fortnight to document what will be my last pregnancy.  I don’t think I have this many photos of me pregnant with the boys!  I had ordered a fab gold heart decal to have as a backdrop and contrast to my dress, but it went missing twice in the mail so we gave up!  And yes, I’ve known I was going to do this when I first fell pregnant after Charles (which unfortunately ended up in miscarriage – twice) so I’ve been planning for a while!  It’s nothing terribly original, but I look forward to documenting it as I grow…..and grow.

My OB prefers to send his patients to Melbourne for their scans, so as a special treat Hugh came with us to see the baby (he is so in love with ‘strawberry’ and is going to be very attached to this baby!).  Everything is looking wonderful, baby is the right size (all be it larger than average – but that is no surprise given Hugh was 9pd 15oz and Charles was 10pd 10oz) and we know what we will be having……but keeping it a secret as we did with Charles.

Nest Design Studio - Pregnancy Photos

I started showing very early (as you can see) and pretty much shocked people in the first trimester who asked how far along I was and they couldn’t believe I was only weeks in but in the last few weeks I’ve plateaued, although expect that this time next month I will start to see big gains!  Lucky for me (I guess, in a way) I was quite sick early on and lost about 5kgs with morning sickness so I’m only just 1kg over my starting weight to date!

So now it’s time to start prepping the nursery.  This poor baby has nothing to it’s name apart from the Bounty Bag from hospital, time to start thinking about getting organised!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The most difficult client……EVER.

Some things just need to be said and I’m going to name and shame the most difficult client I have ever had (yes, the shock and horror!).

I’ve been working with this client for a few weeks now to create a nursery for her 3rd child….in fact she thinks she is a bit of a VIP client  The gender is unknown at this stage and she can tell me what she doesn’t want (colour) but apart from that, she can’t give me much AT ALL.  She is very indecisive and is putting every decision in my hands (which is ok).  She has an awesome chair on the way and recently sold her other cots so I can pick whatever I want (and I think the Incy Reese is going to win).  But she is just plain difficult.

This is what I have so far (I know, full of ideas).

Nest Design Start

So who is it?  Well you actually know her.

Nest Design Studio - Baby 12

That’s right, ME!!!!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’ve had a number of miscarriages and this baby which is my 6th pregnancy, took its sweet time deciding to join our family (along with a few scares at the start of its journey).  So we are thrilled that we have finally gotten to this stage.  Baby #3 is due in September and it is making me work for it.

Morning sickness has been horrible and being in front of the computer made me feel worse (so handy when you run a mostly online business!).  I still can’t keep a thing down and have lost 5kgs (which is normal for me in the first trimester) but what you probably can’t tell from the above photo, is that my belly is huge.  I haven’t bothered keeping it under wraps because there are just some things that can not be disguised!  I recently completed a new home build colour selection and my clients asked me how far along I was, which at that stage was 11 weeks, and were quite shocked to hear I am a long while off having this baby!

So what does this mean for Nest?  Well I’m currently booked out until July and will only accept 1, maybe 2 more jobs for 2014 before I wrap up in August.  I have always returned to work between 4-6 weeks after having my boys but this time (given it’s our last baby) I’m going to take the time to enjoy, snuggle and just take it easy.  I want to suck up all the baby time!  I plan on returning in Jan/Feb of 2015.  But in that period where I won’t be taking any clients (well, I might if I get bored) I have lined up 2 fabulous ladies in the industry who’s designs I appreciate and respect, to be my points of referral.  Jacinda from Hide & Sleep and Nicole from Little Liberty.

Now this mumma to be is exhausted and wants to throw up all the time, the house is filthy, I’m busier with designs than I’ve ever been……so I think I might go have a lie down.

Oh and about the nursery…..I’m serious.  I have no idea what I’m going to do.  I know it will be different in style to the boys nurseries (here and here) but apart from that… brain is at capacity with everything else that I think the nursery might have to wait until August!

**I’m doing a monthly photo out at our farm to capture the seasons changing and a growing belly, which is why I used the above photo.  I had planned on a nice family photo with the boys, but honestly… was like hearding cats, so we gave up.**

Monday, February 10, 2014

Isabella’s Girly & Glam Room

I recently showed you Luca’s classic boys room and today it’s his big sisters turn.  Once again, you may have already seen the images in Little One Kids magazine, but I’m excited to be able to share them on my blog!

Like Luca, Isabella had all the fabulous furniture already, I just needed to add a touch of colour and sparkle!

Nest Design Studio - Isabella5

Nest Design Studio - Isabella2

Nest Design Studio - Isabella

Nest Design Studio - Isabella1

Nest Design Studio - Isabella3

Nest Design Studio - Isabella6

Nest Design Studio - Isabella8

Nest Design Studio - Isabella9

Nest Design Studio - Isabella10

Photography by Louise Treacy

©Nest Design Studio
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