Monday, November 25, 2013

Isabella’s Nursery

On Thursday, I shared with you James’ big boy room and today it’s his little sisters turn! 

Inspired by another gender neutral nursery I had designed, we went for a fun and colourful room which feature some really lovely products.  The room isn’t quite finished yet as we are waiting on a fab white leather egg chair to arrive, but whilst I was visiting putting the finishing touches on the room, I photographed lots of little details.

We started off with beige walls and to lift the room, we had the walls painted a beautiful blue (you might recognise it as the same blue I used in Charles nursery).

Nest Design Studio - Isabella4

Nest Design Studio - Isabella2

Nest Design Studio - Isabella5

Nest Design Studio - Isabella6

I love the splash of blue the ottoman brings to the room.

Nest Design Studio - Isabella

Nest Design Studio - Isabella7

For now we have a beautiful bean bag in the corner of the room, but one the chair arrives, it will go in this corner and relocate the bean bag over.Nest Design Studio - Isabella8

Nest Design Studio - Isabella9

Love this sidetable and lamp!

Nest Design Studio - Isabella10

A small gallery wall includes a custom ‘the places you will go’ print, perfect for a family that love to travel.

Nest Design Studio - Isabella11

Nest Design Studio - Isabella1

Isabella was recently welcomed into the world and I’m sure she will love her new room.  Thank you to my wonderful clients for working with me to create 2 very special rooms!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nikolas’ Room

I worked with Nikolas’ Mum back in May to create a new big boy space.  Nikolas already had the beautiful furniture, the room just needed some fun and personality!

I loooove the wallpaper…’s going to work well no matter what age Nikolas is because whilst it's traditional stripes, it is also a graffiti stripe.

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas1

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas2

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas3

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas4

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas5

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas8

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas9

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas10

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas11

I love the simplicity of the grouping of the below prints.  The superhero print was something that Nikolas’ family already had, the cool tiger print was included because his Dad supports Richmond and the ‘You are here now’ is just for fun!Nest Design Studio - Nikolas16

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas17

Nikolas’ design was all done on-line, so I met him for the first time when I came to take photos, and what a happy little cutie he is too!  He wanted to show me everything in his room and he apparently loves to show visitors to the house his new room too.

Nest Design Studio - Nikolas18

I’m sure you agree that Nikolas and his family have done a fantastic job putting the design together!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

James Room

I have a clients room to share with you!  I worked with James and his Mum and Dad recently to create a safari themed room.  James’ Mum found the bold decal and we worked the room around it.  It’s the perfect size for the wall and creates such an impact when you walk into the room!

Install day was lots of fun and James loved watching all his things for his new room arrive and un-pack!

Nest Design Studio - James5

How amazing is the little mustard coloured chair?  That was James’ fathers when he was little.

Nest Design Studio - James3

Nest Design Studio - James6

We created a small desk alcove in a dead part of the room.  The desk fits mm perfect and then we had the shelves installed.Nest Design Studio - James1

Nest Design Studio - James2

For me, it’s all about the details……even down to the pencils on James’ desk (not shown), which were made from twigs.  We also included the fab stacking animals as well as a lion bookend.Nest Design Studio - James

We had additional animal decals custom made to fit between the moulding on the robe doors to bring in additional colour.Nest Design Studio - James4

And how could we not include the giraffe head above the fire place!

Nest Design Studio - James7

James was so excited by his new room and it was fantastic working with him and his family!  I have his brand new little sisters nursery to show you next week as well!

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