Monday, September 30, 2013


I know, you know already…..after all you obviously have fabulous taste because here you are….reading my blog!  Sorry, went off on a tangent there.  I know you have noticed the little trend that is starting to hit it’s peak as we head into our warmer weather…..fruit as decor. 

Put a pineapple or watermelon on it and you can pretty much guarantee it will be a huge hit!  And not just in little people’s spaces but big peoples too (I know my alfresco area is calling out for something pineapple!).  Be it prints, cushions or accessories, it is a cute and fun trend.

I’ve put together a few of my finds to share with you.

Fruity Board

1.  Apple cushion 2.  Cherry Garland  3.  Fruit Angels  4.  Watermelon Print  5.  Watermelon Print  6.  Apple Cushion  7.  Pineapple Lamp  8.  Pineapple Print  9.  Crochet Fruit  10.  Pear Print  11.  Tutti Fruti Wallpaper

Friday, September 13, 2013

Project Nursery–Pin Party

If you follow me on pinterest, you will notice a lot of brightly coloured pins at the moment.

I’m joining in with some fab other designers and bloggers with Project Nursery.  We are creating a nursery inspired by Fisher Price…..and to me that conjures up bright colours and vintage toys.

Here’s my finished design board!

Project nursery - fisher price

For all the product details, head over here.

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