Thursday, April 18, 2013

And the winners are……..

Ok, it’s time!  I had so much trouble deciding who to pick (but with the help of my friends who were quite unanimous in their opinion!), so I picked 2.

Yep, the first winner will receive a full design kit & the second winner will receive a mini design kit.

Without further ado…..

compeition winners

I will be creating a funky boys nursery for Suze and for Lisa who has a little boy & girl will will design a fun shared space for them!

Could Suze & Lisa (sorry Lisa, I don’t have your last name) get in touch with me so we can make a start on your rooms!

Thank you all so much for entering, I really loved everyone's entries and would love to work on all of them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


With the launch of my website recently and given it’s been 3 years since I started my blog, I thought it was time to do a giveaway!nest compeition blog1

If you are the lucky winner, you will win my ‘My Perfect Nest’ design pack which will help you need to put together an amazing room designed just for your little one. 

It includes a design board, a page of other lovely finds that work in the room, floor plans, inspirational images and a detailed shopping list and style tips (usually about 14 pages of amazing information just for you!).

nest compeition blog2

How to enter:  Be a liker of Nest on facebook or a follower of my blog and comment below telling me who I would be designing a room for (be it a nursery or big kids room!) and what style and ideas you would love to see in their room.

Nest Competition blog

The winner will be announced here on Thursday 25th April.

Good luck & I can’t wait to start reading your entries!

Terms:  The winner will be picked by myself and a team of helpers (a tip:  I don’t like rhyming entries!).  Please ensure you are contactable by email or social media.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going, Going, Gone

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started doing my sons shared bedroom.  They are both moving into Hugh’s nursery which is being transformed into their big boy room (or will once Charlie is in a bed – for now he’s staying in his cot for as long as we can!).


Hugh’s nursery has quite a special place in my heart.  It was the first room I completed when we moved into our new home just 3 weeks before he was born, it was the start of my design journey doing nurseries and most importantly it had a little tribute to the baby I lost in my first pregnancy.  This baby we nicknamed apple and so once I had decided on painting a tree in Hugh’s nursery (which was just an emerging trend back then!) I knew painting a beautiful red apple on the tree would complete the room and also be a sentimental and touching tribute.


So whilst I am veeeerrrrry over the tree in terms of decorating, it tore a little at the heart strings to think about painting over the tree!  Because I’m a dag, I made a little animation of the process.  I painted the whole wall before I could do the apple, hesitant!  But I have been lucky to have had the room photographed by Little One Baby and appear in the mag, so the photos will always be there!


Now it’s onto the next stage, which if you follow me on facebook or instagram, you will have seen a little peek of the room…..which is getting there….slowly!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marley’s Nursery

I have another recent nursery I designed to share with you today.  Marley’s nursery is a beautiful, light and airy space with a touch of a beach theme running through it.  I love seeing how families put my designs into action and adding their own personal touches that complement the design (like the surfboard and oar hook).

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery7

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery13

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery12

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery1

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery2

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery4

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery3

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery5

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery6

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery8

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery9

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery10

Nest Design Studio - Marley's Nursery11

Don’t you think Marley’s Mum and Dad have done a beautiful job of putting my design into action?!

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