Monday, December 31, 2012

Elfred: Part 2


I showed you here the first 2 weeks of Elfred’s adventure, now it’s time for the next 2!day 16 bikes with the teddiesDay 17 Car ride nest design studioDay 18 snooker nest design studioDay 19 at the beach nest design studioday 20 vegemiteday 21 top of office lightday 22 locked outDay 23 picnicDay 24 spotty kitchen

The boys (and I!) can’t wait for Elfred to return next Christmas and get up to more tricks!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Start……

I’ve been playing with ideas for the boys shared room for a few months now, but it is one of the things at the top of my ‘to do’ list over the holidays.  Get the thoughts out of my head and start to plan and shop in preparation of the boys 1.  a new room design & 2.  the boys sharing a room (hmmmm not too sure how that is going to go!).

Here are a few ideas/inspiration pics that I’m leaning towards.  Yes, it will be quite bold and graphic and grown up but whilst I still have say over what goes in their room, this is what I’m going for!

boys room inspiration nest design studio

So on that note….this is my last day for 2012!  Over the holidays, I am going to read lots of magazines, catch up on lots of blogs and generally just laze around.

I have had an amazing year with lots of opportunities and have been able to work with lovely clients and I know that 2013 is going to be just as good (I have a few things in the pipelines which are quite exciting!).

See you in 2013!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recent Designs

Last month I had the pleasure of working with a busy mum of 2 (with #3 on the way who was due in November) AND the family was moving into their brand new home about the same time as well! 

The challenge with this job was to create 2 rooms which baby #3 (a little boy) could fit into and have his own special space in both his big sister and big brothers rooms.  I used yellow as a base for both rooms (and bubs space) so it all blends in!

Nest Design StudioNest Design Studio designnestdesignstudio

I can’t wait to see photos of the rooms completed!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know, it’s been a while…..have you missed me?!

I thought I would share with you some adventures that have been happening in our house in the lead up to Christmas.  We have joined the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ party and our Elf, Elfred, has been a hit!  Initially Hugh hated him…..he told me to put him away and ‘”I don’t want to look at him” on the first day, but since then he’s become a regular (and popular) figure!

It’s been 16 days now (he arrived on the last day of November) and to be honest….I’m starting to struggle with ideas, which is why I’m posting mine so far…hopefully some inspiration to anyone else lacking time/ideas!

Delivery DayDay 1  BreakfastDay 2 Car RallyDay 2 extra at the farmDay 3 Reading to toysDay 4 Builds a towerDay 5 tiredDay 6 hanging aroundDay 7 vandelises the bathroomDay 8 door wrappedDay 9 sets up a cubbyDay 10 animal paradeDay 11 rudolphedday 12 bakesDay 13 lights up treeDay 14 hangingDay 15 train

There you have it.  The first 2 weeks….now I’m off to Pintrest to see what I can find for inspiration!

I’ll be back next week to show you some recent designs…it’s been really busy towards the end of the year with lots and lots of clients (which is why I no blog)!

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