Friday, April 27, 2012

Readers Room: Rocco's Room

One of my facebook fans, Sam, recently sent me photos of her son Rocco’s room. 

Featuring my favourite boys colour scheme (lots of white with navy and red), Sam has done a gorgeous job putting together Rocco’s room.  I love the retro ride on and the blue dinosaur (pic 4).


Thanks for sharing Sam!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make it little: colour pop

I have a heap of images saved of various rooms in my inspiration file.  Images that I love the colour combinations of, that I know would work back to a nursery or child’s room. 

In what will now be a regular feature, I’m going to show you how to transform a look you love, into a space for your little one.

make it little1

Original Image by Jonathan Adler

Make it little: Diesku paint / Ministyle Cuckoo Clock / Chevron Pillows / Kalon Caravan Cot

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Featured: Charles Party on Babyology

I’m going to be honest with you:  the last few days I’ve been very cranky.  Little sleep (due to the boys), trying to get my website finished (oh so close now) and the house being a mess (when it’s messy I have trouble concentrating) have seen me someone you don’t want around very much!

However, this morning when I was scrolling through facebook I noticed a little link to my little page.  I’ve been hanging to see the write up Babyology were going to do on it and I have to say, it has made my day!  I knew the article would be coming up, just wasn’t sure when.

So a great big thankyou to Babyology for featuring Charles 1st Birthday party!

beach party 9 Show us your party   Charles beach birthday

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How you doin'?

This poor neglected blog.  Things are a little crazy at the moment here…preparing websites, newsletters, designing a few nurseries so the blog has been a little forgotten about! 

But don’t worry, a new look blog is on the way veryyyyy soon.  And I have heaps of blog posts partially written and new features coming up.  If you do miss me though, I’m on facebook quite a bit.

Did you see my feature on Baby Space yesterday?  Go and have a little look if you missed it.

Promise I’ll be back very soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Design Board: A day at the farm

I seem to be able to sneak 5 minutes on facebook more often than my blog lately, so if you are a facebook fan you will have already seen this design I recently completed.

One of my oldest friends, Renee (my bff from primary school) enlisted my help for designing a nursery for her baby due in a couple of months.  As the sex is still a surprise, I put together a room that is gender neutral but still bold and bright.  Using red as the base colour (as Renee already had a red chair), the colour scheme is full of warmth and textures.  I also incorporated Sharon Montrose farm animal photographs as well as a few other ‘farmish’ accessories (Renee has a couple of items already purchased that provided the inspiration).

Agent 44 nursery

Please note: As each room designed for clients, is custom for them, I'm not able to provide source lists (sorry). However, if you would like a room designed for your little one, I’d love to hear from you! You can see more information here and email me at

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today’s post was going to be some snappy number showing you Easter related decor items (I found some really cute ones)…..however.  Charles had other ideas!

I took Charlie to the dr yesterday morning first thing.  He’d had a rattle in his chest (but so had Hugh and it cleared up quickly), the day before he woke up hot (but temp was normal) and chesty.  To be on the safe side over Easter, I booked an appointment to get him looked at.  No worries..croup.  While not fabulous, I know lots of babies get it and he’ll be fine. 

It was when the Dr decided to get a 2nd opinion on that little rattle, that my parent antennae went up!  Hang on…what’s going on?  The Dr mentioned astrada (which I have never heard of, which indeed turned out to be Stridor (thanks Kari!) – thanks to a thick accent that I didn’t quite pick that up) and gave Charles a script for some ‘roids and booked us in to come back and see her at 2.30pm.  As we left, it was the next bit that had me some what worried.  “You may need to head to emergency after you come back, oh and make sure you stay with Charles all day”.  UH-OH! 

You see Stridor is when the throat has an obstruction…so you know….he could stop breathing ( I now know that it is common with Croup, but this is the first time I have dealt with croup).

There went the plans to drop Charlie with my Dad so Hugh and I could head to mothers group and sit back and eat chocolate and drink fat coke….I mean, do Easter crafts with Hugh.  We have 3 newborns at Mums group and I didn’t want Charlie to pass on anything (normally we would all go to mums group).

What to do?  What to do?  Given that Charles needed to sleep, I arranged to drop Hugh with my Dad and I darkened the lounge in hope that Charlie would have a nap with me.  Not. going. to. happen.

11am things start to get worse with Charlies breathing….ring the dr….head to emergency.  I’m sure I will have copped a speeding ticket, but the poor little man was struggling to breath and cough and sleep.  And when he would nod off to sleep, I would panic thinking he had stopped breathing so my hand was on his chest at each traffic light to make sure he was breathing!

Naturally as soon as we arrived at emergency, the steroids started to kick in and after a relatively small wait to see a dr, Charles was all smiles and laughs (which made me seem like a paranoid parent). 

In the end, we just keep doing what we are doing.  Steroids twice a day (for 2 days), panadaol, ventalin as required and if it gets worse to call an ambulance (which I will do instead of driving this time!).

To make things even better, the DSE decided to do a burn off (ahhhh wouldn’t it be better to do it at the end of winter,closer to summer??) not to far from where we live….so thick smoke has filled the air since yesterday afternoon and now it is going to be 30 degrees here today and I can’t open the doors or windows because of smoke!  We even had to leave home last night for an hour or so just to get some fresh air.

Sooo that is why there is no Easter post today.  You forgive me right?!

Here’s Dr. Hugh this morning, checking on his patient.


Here’s to a quiet extra long weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Board: Girly & Glam


I love it when clients think outside the box! 

My facebook fans will have already seen this design board, but you haven’t seen what inspired it!  One of my recent competition winners, Natalie, sent me the below image she had saved as part of her completed design questionnaire.  I’ve said it before, inspiration can come from anywhere and this is a fantastic example.


As soon as Natalie mentioned the words: blush, white and gold, my head was spinning with ideas and I couldn’t wait to complete this design for Natalie’s daughter, beautiful little Ameline (isn’t it a gorgeous name?!).

This is what I came up with……

Amelines nursery

A room full of sophisticated items that will grow with Ameline (and will work in other rooms of the house), a stencilled feature wall (think pink with a Moroccan tile stencil in a gloss paint, so you get just a hint of glimmer and the pattern doesn’t overpower), a stylish chair for Mum, a wall of shelves to display Ameline’s books and a comfy reading corner comprising of a sheepskin, comfy cushions and a miniature ghost chair!

Natalie had already ordered the beautiful tassel garland, lace crown and ‘a’ and they work beautifully with everything.

I certainly can’t wait to see completed photos of this room, it’s going to be gorgeous!

Please note:  As each room designed for clients, is custom for them, I'm not able to provide source lists (sorry).  However, if you would like a room designed for your little one, I’d love to hear from you!  You can see more information here and email me at

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