Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nursery Tour: Sloan

I've found another beautiful nursery for you! Nicole from Nicole Faby Photography, put together this bright and colourful room for her daughter Sloan (who is due August 24th).

Where did your inspiration come from?
I took inspiration from everywhere. I wanted something fun and girly with modern and vintage accents without a real "theme" I wanted items that could transition from baby to toddler and one day pre-teen and teen. I wanted spend as little as possible without looking cheap and buy items that would last a long time! I was inspired by colors of spring and summer aqua water, pink flowers, and yummy yellow golden summer light.

How much of the nursery is DIY?
The swing shelves were a DIY project, I spray painted the crib yellow. the crib bedding, pillows, and curtains are also custom designed and handmade!

What is your favourite element?
My favorite thing in the room is the crib and the vinyl on the ceiling! Oh and the swing shelves :)

Any advice for other parents putting rooms together?
My advice is to take your time and always be on the look out for items! Go with your gut and think outside the box! See something you like? Put your own spin on it! Take inspiration from everywhere! Outside, catalogs like anthropologie and Ruche, and people in your lives! Take your time! Look for items to add from everywhere! Flea markets, yard sales, boutique stores, and stuff from around your house that can be uplifted!

Thanks Nicole for letting us having a sneak around Sloan's nursery!


Urban Road said...

Love the colours & those swing shelves are a great idea!!!

Bubby Makes Three said...

I mean, that cot is just ADORABLE!!!!!! I want to be brave enough to paint mine, except mine is boringly new and I think you need one divinely vintage to get away with this bold look!! And I love the swining shelf idea too..... ps. I just saw your cool working mum series, and wondered if I could boldly put my name forward for a future interview -- I've decided to start shamelessly promoting Bubby Makes Three as I am having so much fun with it!

Green Tara said...

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