Monday, June 20, 2011

Fabulous Working Mums!

It's time for another fabulous working mums interview!

Today it's Kylie from Tiges & Weince, who is mum to 3 year old Hudson & 1 year old Charlotte.

I first stumbled upon Kylie's work at Mathilda's Market, in fact it was the gorgeous robot pillow that caught my eye. I quickly picked up a business card for my 'must specify' pile!

Kylie, Hudson & Charlotte

Tell me a little bit about Tiges & Weince?
Tiges and Weince is my love for colour, print, pattern, design & children’s products. Designing a children’s homeware collection including decorative cushions, door stops & art for your walls.

How did Tiges & Weince get started?
It started a couple of years ago without any real direction; all I knew was that I had to be doing something. I was at home with Hudson & wasn’t sure what to do, so I started sewing bibs & change mats & sold them at markets & on Etsy but wasn’t really satisfied. My back ground is in fashion & design so I started to think what I could do, that would encompass what I know, without producing clothing ranges. I can draw & I can sew, so I started an illustrated range of magnetic bookmarks & they sold extremely well. I figured people must like my design work .So I then did a lot of research to see how I could have my work printed on to fabric, as that’s my ultimate goal to produce my own fabric collections. Once I had found out what I needed, I started printing my designs on to cotton, made a few cushions & the rest is history. Tiges and Weince is a homewares collection for kids. I must give my husband credit for telling me one day, “If you just concentrated on 1 or 2 products, you may reach your goals instead of trying to design everything & cater to everyone”. So I did, the good slap of reality I needed, not bad for someone who drives a truck for a living!

What does a typical day involve for you? How do you balance work life & children?
Balance...Nope....My life is a hectic as hell. I wish I could tell you a well balanced schedule but I can’t. There is a general trend but it never stays the same. My daughter is a bad sleeper hence my chaotic routine, my world revolves around her world. Generally I play a lot with the kids in the morning, get mundane chores done, or go out & run errands. When I am back & Charlotte is asleep I set Hudson up with things to do, even pop a movie on for him & yes I work & get as much as I can get done. When she is awake, pretty much the same as above & start dinner. After dinner back to work. My hubby looks after them predominantly at night so I can work.

Do you have childcare?
I did have. I had Hudson in there 1 day a week but he hated it. After an 18 month battle I pulled him out. I would love a nanny 1 day a week though now.

What type of activities do you do with your baby?
I still catch up with some of the girls in my mothers group Thursday’s. They are a great bunch of women & I feel blessed to have them. It a great time for the kids to run wild. Friday is Soccertime Kids for Hudson & swimming Saturday morning. The other days I may see other friends but nothing routine. To date I haven’t booked Charlotte into anything, as she joins in with Hudson.

When you aren’t working, how do you entertain bub?
Hudson loves to draw, as well as play with playdoh. I am pretty lucky both of them can amuse themselves well, as I don’t feel I have to entertain them all the time. They must learn to use their own imaginations. At the moment Hudson is doing a lot of role playing & I love listening, it’s so cute. Otherwise both the kids love to get outside on the swings, trampoline, or bike riding. I believe fresh air each day prevents irritability, so unless it’s icy cold outside I like to go out when I can.

Any tips for staying organised?I am a bit of a list person, it keeps me accountable, otherwise I just go with the flow. If I am going out I pack everything to go out, I do so while they are both eating breakfast. If Dora or Dinosaur train is on I am guaranteed Hudson will stay in the same spot.

Do you work from a dedicated home office/space/where ever you lay your laptop?
Yes I have a dedicated room with everything I need. I don’t use a lap top, instead a desk top with a big screen as I need it for my artwork, as well as using a tablet to draw with. I have lots of shelves and a big working table. It’s a great space, but can get a little untidy when I am busy.

Do you have any sanity saving tips for other working from home parents?
1 – Write lists. Try to achieve completing those whenever you can throughout the day, 10 mins here & they add up.
2 – Stay motivated there are so many online course to help you do so. Without motivation your work will become boring & you won’t strive to be your best.
3 – Invest in a slow cooker have dinner cooked & dishes done by 10am. Liberating!
4 – When you’re busy with orders/queries & the kids are ratty, & you’re frustrated because you can’t get 5 minutes peace, leave the house. Get some fresh air, go to a cafe for a break with them, or the park. Everything will seem better after that (most of the time hehe).
5 – Limit facebook & twitter time. They are time suckers. I love them both but use them sparingly throughout the day. I was advised to use them morning or night 10 mins each to read posts/tweets, respond to anything necessary, & also post/tweet things yourself & then get off. It works!

What are your ‘can’t live without’ items?
Computer, printer, pantone colour library, sewing machine, phone, coffee machine, Real Living subscription, & my design books.

Thanks for sharing Kylie! I still have a few more gorgeous mums lined up, so stay tuned for the coming weeks.


Tiges and Weince said...

Thanks Belinda for sharing my world with others. Loving your blog too.
Kylie xx

Jane said...

Ooh, so fabulous to learn some more about talented Kylie. Thanks for this! J x

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