Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nursery Tour: Sloan

I've found another beautiful nursery for you! Nicole from Nicole Faby Photography, put together this bright and colourful room for her daughter Sloan (who is due August 24th).

Where did your inspiration come from?
I took inspiration from everywhere. I wanted something fun and girly with modern and vintage accents without a real "theme" I wanted items that could transition from baby to toddler and one day pre-teen and teen. I wanted spend as little as possible without looking cheap and buy items that would last a long time! I was inspired by colors of spring and summer aqua water, pink flowers, and yummy yellow golden summer light.

How much of the nursery is DIY?
The swing shelves were a DIY project, I spray painted the crib yellow. the crib bedding, pillows, and curtains are also custom designed and handmade!

What is your favourite element?
My favorite thing in the room is the crib and the vinyl on the ceiling! Oh and the swing shelves :)

Any advice for other parents putting rooms together?
My advice is to take your time and always be on the look out for items! Go with your gut and think outside the box! See something you like? Put your own spin on it! Take inspiration from everywhere! Outside, catalogs like anthropologie and Ruche, and people in your lives! Take your time! Look for items to add from everywhere! Flea markets, yard sales, boutique stores, and stuff from around your house that can be uplifted!

Thanks Nicole for letting us having a sneak around Sloan's nursery!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fabulous Working Mums!

It's time for another fabulous working mums interview!

Today it's Kylie from Tiges & Weince, who is mum to 3 year old Hudson & 1 year old Charlotte.

I first stumbled upon Kylie's work at Mathilda's Market, in fact it was the gorgeous robot pillow that caught my eye. I quickly picked up a business card for my 'must specify' pile!

Kylie, Hudson & Charlotte

Tell me a little bit about Tiges & Weince?
Tiges and Weince is my love for colour, print, pattern, design & children’s products. Designing a children’s homeware collection including decorative cushions, door stops & art for your walls.

How did Tiges & Weince get started?
It started a couple of years ago without any real direction; all I knew was that I had to be doing something. I was at home with Hudson & wasn’t sure what to do, so I started sewing bibs & change mats & sold them at markets & on Etsy but wasn’t really satisfied. My back ground is in fashion & design so I started to think what I could do, that would encompass what I know, without producing clothing ranges. I can draw & I can sew, so I started an illustrated range of magnetic bookmarks & they sold extremely well. I figured people must like my design work .So I then did a lot of research to see how I could have my work printed on to fabric, as that’s my ultimate goal to produce my own fabric collections. Once I had found out what I needed, I started printing my designs on to cotton, made a few cushions & the rest is history. Tiges and Weince is a homewares collection for kids. I must give my husband credit for telling me one day, “If you just concentrated on 1 or 2 products, you may reach your goals instead of trying to design everything & cater to everyone”. So I did, the good slap of reality I needed, not bad for someone who drives a truck for a living!

What does a typical day involve for you? How do you balance work life & children?
Balance...Nope....My life is a hectic as hell. I wish I could tell you a well balanced schedule but I can’t. There is a general trend but it never stays the same. My daughter is a bad sleeper hence my chaotic routine, my world revolves around her world. Generally I play a lot with the kids in the morning, get mundane chores done, or go out & run errands. When I am back & Charlotte is asleep I set Hudson up with things to do, even pop a movie on for him & yes I work & get as much as I can get done. When she is awake, pretty much the same as above & start dinner. After dinner back to work. My hubby looks after them predominantly at night so I can work.

Do you have childcare?
I did have. I had Hudson in there 1 day a week but he hated it. After an 18 month battle I pulled him out. I would love a nanny 1 day a week though now.

What type of activities do you do with your baby?
I still catch up with some of the girls in my mothers group Thursday’s. They are a great bunch of women & I feel blessed to have them. It a great time for the kids to run wild. Friday is Soccertime Kids for Hudson & swimming Saturday morning. The other days I may see other friends but nothing routine. To date I haven’t booked Charlotte into anything, as she joins in with Hudson.

When you aren’t working, how do you entertain bub?
Hudson loves to draw, as well as play with playdoh. I am pretty lucky both of them can amuse themselves well, as I don’t feel I have to entertain them all the time. They must learn to use their own imaginations. At the moment Hudson is doing a lot of role playing & I love listening, it’s so cute. Otherwise both the kids love to get outside on the swings, trampoline, or bike riding. I believe fresh air each day prevents irritability, so unless it’s icy cold outside I like to go out when I can.

Any tips for staying organised?I am a bit of a list person, it keeps me accountable, otherwise I just go with the flow. If I am going out I pack everything to go out, I do so while they are both eating breakfast. If Dora or Dinosaur train is on I am guaranteed Hudson will stay in the same spot.

Do you work from a dedicated home office/space/where ever you lay your laptop?
Yes I have a dedicated room with everything I need. I don’t use a lap top, instead a desk top with a big screen as I need it for my artwork, as well as using a tablet to draw with. I have lots of shelves and a big working table. It’s a great space, but can get a little untidy when I am busy.

Do you have any sanity saving tips for other working from home parents?
1 – Write lists. Try to achieve completing those whenever you can throughout the day, 10 mins here & they add up.
2 – Stay motivated there are so many online course to help you do so. Without motivation your work will become boring & you won’t strive to be your best.
3 – Invest in a slow cooker have dinner cooked & dishes done by 10am. Liberating!
4 – When you’re busy with orders/queries & the kids are ratty, & you’re frustrated because you can’t get 5 minutes peace, leave the house. Get some fresh air, go to a cafe for a break with them, or the park. Everything will seem better after that (most of the time hehe).
5 – Limit facebook & twitter time. They are time suckers. I love them both but use them sparingly throughout the day. I was advised to use them morning or night 10 mins each to read posts/tweets, respond to anything necessary, & also post/tweet things yourself & then get off. It works!

What are your ‘can’t live without’ items?
Computer, printer, pantone colour library, sewing machine, phone, coffee machine, Real Living subscription, & my design books.

Thanks for sharing Kylie! I still have a few more gorgeous mums lined up, so stay tuned for the coming weeks.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The divine Miss M

Sooooo not nursery or design related today!
I'm sure my friends are sick of me talking about it (granted, she isn't everyone's cup of tea).....however I'm going to rave about it here! On Tuesday night,we travelled to Melbourne to see the divine Miss M (I know I have a lot of US readers, so for you google Kylie Minogue). In the words of FF, I luff it. 11/10! I have loved her since this (my first ever tape):

How to describe the concert in one word? Spectacular. Really it was a visual feast! There was just so much to look at: dancers, aerialists, singing, oh and water (I'm talking huge water fountains all through the set!). And we were only about 150 meters from the stage!

The girl donned a 'toddlers & tiaras' hair piece below. How many 40 odd year old can pull off a pair of shorts like that?!
She even 'rode' an angel!

She was wearing some gorgeous shoes!The amazing finale.....see - water!

It was my favourite concert ever (my disclaimer is I really haven't been to many concerts - Girlfriend (does anyone actually remember them?), 3 Kylie concerts and a Tom Jones & John Farnham one) but I do wish she had of done some more of the old stuff!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nursery Tour: Guinevere

What a beautiful, feminine space Kelly from Mrs in Training has created for her daughter Guinevere (due very soon!)! I just love the white and gold featured throughout the nursery.
Don't you just want to snuggle up on the rug?Check out the walls......another stencilled wall! GORGEOUS!!!
For all the details, head over to Kelly's blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fabulous Working Mums!

If you are anything like me, you will love the interviews I'm going to share with you in the coming weeks!

Blogging is a bit like voyeurism.....getting insights into how other people live and work and at the moment, I am always on the look out for tips on getting organised, play time activities with the boys and how working mums allocate time. So sit back and enjoy!
First up is the gorgeous Janette from My Sweet Prints, who is mum to 2 year old Will. Janette is the reason I started blogging (before that I had no idea what a blog was)! I first noticed her Eye Chart print in Shop 4 Kids and jumped onto her blog (and started following) with the intention of ordering it. However, I got distracted by ALL of her beautiful prints....I did however order the Made with Love print (I shared here). Since then my collection has grown and I also have a Made with Love print for Charles and a Charlies World print (am I a fan much?!).

Janette & Will

Tell us a little about My Sweet Prints.
My Sweet Prints ( is a range of original and personalised art prints, for the home, nursery and the heart!

I recently launched a canvas range with a large canvas World Map and canvas Height Charts which I am still very excited about.

How did My Sweet Prints get started?
I had always dreamed of having my own business. And I didn't want to return to my job as a Graphic Designer in the magazine industry after I had Will - I wanted a flexible work arrangement which is often hard to find.

So I decided to start My Sweet Prints after producing a few prints to give as gifts for friends. People who saw them would tell me I should sell them and so when I came across and and saw how easy it was to set up a shop online I took the plunge and it's all just grown from there.
I now have around 20 stockists and my own website and shopping cart on

What does a typical day involve for you? How do you balance work life & children?
A typical day starts around 6am as my cheeky little monkey wakes up and jumps into bed with us. On a day that I work and Will goes to his little daycare we just get ready for the day slowly and all have breakfast together. I drop Will to his school around 8.30-9am and I enjoy hanging out there for a little while as he settles in.

Then spending the day getting the files ready for customised prints, returning email enquiries. Write a blog post or two and get my orders all ready for posting.

I usually take myself out for lunch just to get out of the house and then back home to finish off work, packaging and labelling the orders before I go to the post office to post them off. I pick up Will around 4-4.30pm and then we do the usual afternoon evening routine.

If I'm really busy then I'll work at night after dinner, sitting on the lounge next to hubby with my laptop.

Do you have childcare?
For the first year of starting My Sweet Prints I was so lucky in that I was able to juggle both looking after William full time as well as running my business. But by the time Will got to 18 months it was getting harder to entertain/stimulate him and work volumes really increased so we put him into the little daycare up the road. He loves it as he is very social and active and it means that I can get my work done on the set days that he's in daycare and then the days that he's at home with me we can have quality time together without work getting in the way.

What type of activities (i.e. Playgroups, swimming etc) do you do with your little one?
We were doing more structured activities last year but now that Will is in daycare a few days a week we just have more of a chill out time together. We do go to a church bible study once a week though which is great because Will can play with his little Sunday school friends and I can catch up with the other girls from the area/church. Otherwise we have play dates or meet up with my Mum which is always fun.

Hubby is teaching William to swim so that's more of a weekend activity that they do together which is really sweet!

When you not working, how do you entertain bub?
Will loves pottering around the backyard so we spend a lot of time out there. Otherwise lots of books, toys and cuddles/rumbling.

Any tips for staying organised?
The great thing about working from home is that I can be flexible with mixing household chores and work. For example I'll put a load of washing on then check my orders then hang the washing out then follow up on emails... it breaks up the day which is great when you're working from home.

The other thing I do to help stay organised is I often do a big cook-up on a Sunday afternoon and cook a few big meals and freeze them for the week. It means that I don't have to worry about all the preparing meals/cooking/washing up etc during the week, I find it makes a big difference.

Do you work from a dedicated home office/space/where ever you lay your laptop?
We have a home office set up in our study which has all of my work bits and pieces but I find that I usually work from the lounge room as we have lovely sun coming in all day, I can look out the window and watch the world go by and I often put the TV on low in the background for some company. Also when Will is at home with me I can check emails while he plays with his toys and I'm not shutting myself away from the family in the study.

Do you have any sanity saving tips for other working from home parents?
Take yourself out at least once a day, just go for a coffee, a walk or window shopping just to get out of the house and take your mind off work for a while.

I also love blogging ( and have found it fantastic as a work from home parent, as I think of it as kind of like having colleagues. I catch up on other peoples daily lives or inspiration and I share about my day/work/projects etc.

Also because I love my 'work' so much it can be hard to put the laptop down in the evening, I could design and search the web and find inspiration all day long so making sure I put the laptop away for a break and for some quality time with my husband is important.

What are your ‘can’t live without’ items?
I'd have to say my Mac Book, it has my whole life on it just about. My label printer is a little gem and my iPhone – I can write back to customers while I'm down at the park or standing in the grocery line.

Thank you so much for sharing Janette! Stay tuned for another fabulous working mum next week!

images via My Sweet Prints

Friday, June 10, 2011

Grab some tissues....

I'm lucky.....I know I'm lucky. I have 2 gorgeous, healthy boys (both currently having a sleep) in my life.

Head over to Baby Lifestyles Magazine to read this beautiful article on page 52 about remembrance photography.

Then go cuddle your babies!

Monday, June 6, 2011


image via here

Sorry promised post (about fabulous working mums) isn't going to happen today! We've had a HUUUUGE weekend with Charlies baptism, which was lovely and will post photos later, and have been up majority of the night with Hugh feeling unwell!

In desperate need of some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!
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