Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Grrrrr....Angry Red on the war path today! Since having Charles, I have felt so inspired to blog and work. Unfortunately my Internet provider has had other ideas! Some days I have reallllly slow connection, other days I have NONE at all. It's been 'normal' only about twice. We've rang and rang and rang and have gotten no further help.....so The Red (aka Me - Matt calls me that when I get fired up) is making more calls today. They don't seem to understand that I have a business to run and limited time (given that I now also contend with 2 under 2 - and one of them being sick). I really wish they wouldn't outsource assistance to other countries....I just don't think they get it.

OK, rant over. Just wanted to let it out really and let you know that I am here (barely) sometimes and am hoping to get back into it all once I have a decent internet connection! And now that I do seem to have one today, I've gone and wasted this post on a rant instead of nursery inspiration!

Are you questioning why I have the above image? Well that's the era I feel like I am living in at the moment dealing with internet dramas!
PS I have just read that back and I sound like a mad woman!


LINDA from OEKE said...

Rant and rave all you like. We have had soooo many issues the last 12 months. The phone line was down every few weeks for a few days. We had to ring via India to get any help - and to have any mobile reception out here (which sounds like we are the back of burke) I have to stand on one leg on one part of the deck. Not good. And don't even get me started on the internet. I have lost ALL my emails 3 times with constant cutout. So we changed providers and they stuffed up even more.

sorry, I ranted too - and I don't even have red hair. my sister does. does that count?

Anonymous said...

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