Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Tee Pee!

Finally getting around to posting pictures of the "Pee Pee (as Hugh calls it)" I made for Hugh. I used instructions I found on the net (they are no longer on the website, but I didn't think they were incredibly clear anyway so I made alot of it up as I went). Hoping the boys get lots of fun out of it! Having a rest.....


Amanda said...

It looks great - love the fabric!

Nerina said...

I agree - looks fantastic! You've inspired me to make one for my Hugh!

Any tips on how best to make one? Is there a no-sew option?? lol I don't even own a sewing machine!!

sandra said...

I have been searching for one of these tutorials with no luck! Would you be willing to let us know your tips? WOuld lvoe to sew one for me 3 muffins
OH! and I am loving your blog, added to my favourites!!

Unknown said...

Oh sandra, I found another great tutorial recently but now I can't find where I saved it! I just kept googling and googling! I used dowel for the posts but if I did it again, I'd use plastic tubes...cheaper!

sandra said...

plastic tubes, thanks Belinda....I MUST make one of these!
A link to my house, as it stands, now, I am LEARNING this design thing, well not learning, but feeling my way I spose!

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