Tuesday, February 15, 2011

....and then there were 4!

I've been a little busy....... Charles (Charlie) Peter arrived Tuesday 8th Feb at 9.07am (check it out....I've posted this at 9.07am!) weighing a WHOPPING 10 pound 10 oz (4.81kgs)! He's a gorgeous, chunky baby and has been just lovely so far.

His big brother Hugh, stayed with my Mum & Dad for a whole 5 nights away from Mummy & Daddy (Matt stayed with Charlie & I every night to help out) and he has been such a good boy, but he's not quite himself yet.....dealing with the bubba has changed his world! And what a gorgeous boy he is as well!

And here are my pride and joy together! Hugh wanted lots of cuddles with Charlie and didn't want to let him go after we took this photo.
What a lucky girl am I?!


Simone said...

Congratulations Belinda! What a gorgeous new addition to your beautiful family xx

Amanda said...

Yay Belinda!! Charlie is adorable (love the name!!) and what a sweet photo of your two cherubs. Sending you lots of hugs x

Janette said...

Oh Congratulations Belinda! That is wonderful news!!! And what a gorgeous bub he is and that photo of Hugh giving him a hug just absolutely melted my heart into pieces! You must be so proud! Well done hun and be sure to post LOTS of pics!
Big hugs,

Bubby Makes Three said...

Oh yayee!! Congratulations, wowsers what a big one!!!! And I am slightly prejudiced toward baby boys at the mo, mine still melts my heart daily... so happy for you!

Kelly said...

Congrats, he's gorgeous!

Melissa said...

What a sweet chunky baby!! Congratulations! Hope you're enjoying those yummy cheeks!

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