Monday, January 31, 2011

Nursery Tour: Max's

Angela from Handmade in the Heartland recently revealed her sons nursery (she's due the 14th Feb....ohhh wonder which of us will go first?!). Lovely fresh colours!

I just love this maternity shot, how adorable! images via handmade in the heartland

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I blame you, fellow bloggers!

Yes, you read correctly! I blame you.....all you crafty minx who day after day provide me with ideas galore of things I want to make.
However, you see I have this little problem......#2 is due in about 3 1/2 weeks and I feel like I'm running out of time to get anything that is even a little bit crafty done before that (before my brain no longer functions caused by lack of sleep!).
At the moment, I'm finishing up the growth chart I started....oh about a month ago (will share pics tomorrow), however on my TO DO list (below) there are still many projects I want to get done but the list just keeps growing. On my list I have, make tee pee (this was to be Hugh's Christmas present but the sewing machine cracked it and I only just picked it up from the Dr yesterday!), make covers for our daybed, make a couple of prints for the wall, get a draft birth announcement made up and ready to go (since it took us about 3 months to get organised with Hugh!).....and that's just a few things. I've got the nursery to get ready, I've got a 1/2 made mobile in the room as well as I need to order fabric so I can get the chair covered, make a skirt for the cot and a few other projects. As well as general house things.....really need to get the windows clean, carpets cleaned, sand & stain a few external timber features etc etc etc!
I keep getting preoccupied....we had some external blinds installed on Monday so have been pimping the Alfresco (I must take a photo for the lovely Miss J at My Sweet Prints - I know you posted ages about getting some and the ones we have are fab. It has totally changed our alfresco and they aren't those nasty cheap looking pvc blinds. We had them custom made and they look like walls of glass when they are down, plus they are a cinch to put up - unclip each end and then you can retract them to any height you want.....sorry got sidetracked raving about them).
Now I really must go and get something done whilst H is down for his nap....the last few weeks his sleep pattern has changed and I was getting 2 naps a day, but he seems to think he's to old for that now....damn!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sophistico Nursery

This gorgeous nursery popped up on my google alerts the other day and I had to share...boy's rooms seem finally to be coming in with some style!

Designed for HGTV - Sarah 101, by Sarah Richardson.

Loving the pops of orange (and I'm not normally a fan) and stripes!
Loving the fabric in the curtainsFlash cards framed and used as artworksHmmmm not 100% sure about the wallpapered ceiling, but do looove the blackboard (thinking of a way to incorporate this into #2's nursery!) and day bed!
images via here

Monday, January 17, 2011

How you doin'?

I've been AWOL......I was all set to start blogging again last week after the Christmas/new year break but to be honest, with all the flooding and devastation around Australia, it all felt a bit frivolous!

Whilst we had PLENTY of rain here, we have no flooding unlike other towns around my area. Hubby got stuck in the town where he works last week overnight and had to drive home the next morning through flood waters before it rained even more! Lucky he did, otherwise he would of been stuck until yesterday.

So this below (see that fat woman?) is me at 34 weeks....HUGE and as my OB said "I breed them big"......oh and that was 2 weeks ago! Good thing to know is that I am now heavier than at the end of my pregnancy with Hugh and heavier than my husband (isn't that always a feel good moment?!).

I think I've started nesting (not in the cleaning sense, but feeling the need to be organised) and have my list of things I want to get done around the house before baby arrives. My due date is the 12th Feb, but I'm booked in for a c-section so we know when #2 is coming and we also know the sex (I don't think I had mentioned that before - we had the sex sealed in an envelope at the 20 week scan and Matt got sick of me walking out of the nursery saying "well if it's a girl, I will do blah blah blah but if it's a boy I'll do blah blah blah, so he opened it as a bit of a birthday present back in October!). Keeping it all a secret and only 2 people know when (my mum and dad, so they can look after Hugh) and only 1 other person knows the sex (Matt had to tell his boss.....yes they are very good mates), so I've been busy painting the nursery and organising bits and pieces - although I am still a while off finishing it.

Oh and we had another scan at 30 weeks to double check how it's kidney's were going (at 20 weeks they weren't filtering urine properly) and we got the all clear, which was a lovely relief! We also got the most gorgeous 3D shot of bubba.....

I'm generally EXHAUSTED and not sleeping well but it comes with the territory, so I suck it up and move on...well actually I do sook about it. I'm usually up until at least 12.30 (I'm not really a night owl) watching terrible TV and searching the net for things to keep me occupied.

So enough about me! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year and it's back to normal for me....for the next few weeks anyway!
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