Friday, June 11, 2010

Stating the obvious it is.......kid's furniture & accessories can be down right ugly.

I have a gorgeous contemporary house and finding appropriate items for Hugh that blend in can be challenging.

When I was shopping for something to put the bath toys in, it was all pretty dolphins and over the top characters. I wanted something simple! Then the other day I was thinking about toilet training and happened to have a look in Big W......UGLY! I know they are supposed to be practical items but please manufacturers, I'm not putting ugly, bright things in my house!! Who do they think buys the items for the kids?

Anyway, rant over. I've been keeping an eye out for a little table & chair set for H, and whilst we were shopping in Melbourne recently, I found some gorgeous chairs. Replica Pantone!

I found them in Adairs kids on sale (30% off - woot woot!) and adore them. Now the hunt is on for a little funky table and 2 additional stools. Thinking I might head to Ikea.

So tell me, is there anything that is a must have item but you can't stand how it looks?


Bubby Makes Three said...

those are cute, I thought about one in pink for Fern a little while back! ummm what about nappy bins? change tables? pottys? 95% of the high chairs on the market? definately head to Ikea, they have some cute tables and chairs.... have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

I totally agree - I'm all for colour but anything plastic for kids is over the top bright usually. Definitely try Ikea for a table/chair set for Hugh. Be sure to share what you find with us! Enjoy your weekend x

Janette said...

Very cute chairs! Yes I'd try ikea or do what I did and got a new coffee table custom made a little bit higher than the usual height and use that as their little table! Space saver too!
Have a great weekend Bel!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

I love these chairs for kids. Have you seen the mini ghost chairs? too cute! :)

Designer outdoor furniture said...

these chairs are looking furniture stores

Puddleduck said...

Nappy bins and humidifiers - so ugly! Change tables can at least be covered and beautified. The Ikea Lack side tables make great kids' tables.

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