Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hughs Woodland 1st Birthday

As promised, get ready for a photo overload of Hugh's party on the weekend!
I decided to do a take on the Woodland theme for his party (using the Owls from Hugh's Nursery as inspiration), but not in the typical green, brown & orange that I'm seeing alot of at the moment. I went for red, navy & aqua colours and incorporated Owls, Gnomes, Toadstools & Timber.

It's pretty challenging at the moment to find alot of boy items in the theme (heaps of girls that have fairy's), so I channelled my inner Amy Atlas (Queen of deserts!), Bakerella (Queen of Cake Pops) and Kim from TomKat Studio (Queen of decorations) and got to work creating H's party! Going back over the photos, I realised I made everything! Pretty proud of that! From the table runners to the bunting to the invites to the food!
I made a welcome and goodbye sign (very basic!)
Outside I put up some bunting (the men did the man thing & hung around outside watching the footy - it was only 12 degrees!)And then there was the sweet table! I made chocolate crackles, fairy bread, popcorn cones, marshmallow toadstools, chocolate nests, lollies & chocolates!Yummy chocolate cracklesI couldn't have ugly sultana boxes on the table, so covered boxes in pretty paper for the babies. I also covered furry friends in pretty paper, but didn't take a photo!I used a bit of wood for the cake standMade the little owl for the cakeApparently the toadstools were delicious....they went to quick for me to try one!

Lollies! Do you know how hard it is to find blue lollies?

Chocolate nests with jellybeans for eggs
This is Winston the Gnome after his makeover. He took care of the savory table (which I didn't get time to take a photo of once it was set was devoured pretty quickly), but we had the normal party food.....sausage rolls, meatballs, spring rolls, cob loaf dip. What everyone did love though was the dip & carrots! All I did was put some hommus or tziki into little shot glasses with a couple sticks of carrot & celery and then everyone had their own individual serves!

Made name tags for our champagne glasses

I even jazzed up some tea bags and made Hugh bags! Although everyone was to busy drinking the champers to worry about tea!

As some extra decoration.....

The birthday boy wearing the very cute t-shirt, Hanging with my Gnomies from Rock Your Baby. He played for a bit then took himself off to his room to read (the boy is obsessed with books!)
Blowing out the candles! He didn't like it when everyone cheered!

Getting his hands on Daddy's cake....
And trying to get his balloons!
Oh I should also add, that we had a slide show on the tv of all his photos going as well just in the background.
AND I actually cut back on a few things that I really wanted to do, but just ran out of time!
Well that's it! Hope you liked! My baby is growing up......luckily I still have another week before his birthday to officially call him my baby!
Now that all that is done, I can get back to concentrating on nurseries!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Bel!!!
That is fantastic! I can't believe all the amazing things you made! I thought I went to a lot of effort with Will's party but I think you've taken the cake I love all the little details.
The little owls on the champas glasses are gorgeous and the toadstools and tea bags and I love the bit of wood as the cake stand. WOW I'm blown away!

And how cute is Hugh, his hair all spiked is so cute! I've got to try that with Will.

Well done gorgeous, fantastic party!

melli said...

Love what you did with the party preparations and the theme was so cute..looks amazing ,you can see how much thought and effort has gone into this party ..well done I LOVE IT and your little man is so CUTE (the hair is gorgeous)XX

Bubby Makes Three said...

wow, what a sweet party!! Love your teabags idea (even though noone drank the tea) and the tree-trunk as a cake stand... those chocolate nests are pretty cute too, how the heck do you make them? Well done and welcome to the "how am I going to top that NEXT year" brigade!!! x

Pinic under the orange tree said...

This is super sweet! And thank you for giving me some ideas for our next party!


Hello there - found you via Little Sooti - This is a gorgeous party - I especially love the toadstools and nests!!! What fun ... xx Kate

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

How adorable:)everything looks so beautiful sure you had fun..

Amanda said...

Wow Belinda - you should be so proud of the wonderful party you've thrown for Hugh! I love it all - the colour theme is great and Winston looks very spunky after his makeover. I love the glass tags, teabags and table decorations. The bunting looks awesome too. There's something so rewarding about making all the decorations yourself I think. Hugh looks adorable! Hard to believe a year has already flown past with our bubs :)

Unknown said...

Hugh is just so cute! You have a very gorgeous boy and he has one very talented mother! His party looks so wonderful! You have done a great job and put so much effort into it all! Thank you for sharing the photos. Have a great weekend! xx

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

This is a lovely party, I'm going to echo the toadstool lovin', all made by clever!! xo

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Oh, and I just realised you're *Hugh's mum* from Little One Baby...I LOVED that room...the wall decal...just gorgous!

Unknown said...

Wow! What a fabulous first birthday party!

Timmi said...

Super cute party. Love all the little details, I wish you could come over and do a bunch of little details for my daughter's 1st next month, I just don't have the patience!

Kelly said...

Cute! I am planning for my daughter's party We are doing a nature theme and your blog came up during my search. Do you have a recipe for the nests you made? You can email me just click on my name. :)

Kelly K

Fowl Single File said...

The owl cake topper is adorable and those jelly bean nests are too perfect! You did such a great job on everything....what a lucky little boy. Oh, and I love your puns!!

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...


Love love love love LOVE!

Laughed out loud at the 'hanging with my gnomies' :)

Bambino by the Bay said...

What an amazing party!!! You are so talented and such a great party planner! What a lucky and darling little baby you have:)

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