Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nursery Essential

I know everyone has differing opinions of what actually is essential in a nursery but my number 1 item is a very comfy chair.
When I was searching for a chair to use in Hugh’s nursery, I actually got to the point of contemplating importing a gorgeous glider from the US (you lucky girls over there! In the land of Oz, we have very very basic & ugly nursery chairs! I can see all the Aussie girls nodding their heads in agreement). We have these hideous things.......
that whilst they are comfy, are NOT easy on the eye.
What I wanted when I was searching, was a comfy armchair rocker or glider in a nice fabric, something to settle into during all those long hours of feeding. I searched and searched and searched to no avail. In the end I ended up settling for an Ikea Poang chair, which I HATE! Looks wise, it’s not bad (not great either), but as a tall person they are a short persons chair! I have to pull myself up out of it using Hugh’s cot as leverage. The cover also comes off when you slip back into the chair. I would tear my hair out and sook about it because it did drive me that mad (I was sooooo grateful for the night when H started sleeping through so i didn’t have to use the blessed thing!). I also went to some of the local baby shops and they were horrified when I said the chairs (the previously mentioned picture) they had were ugly and they didn’t believe me! It was an old man that served me, so who knows where his taste was.

When Little One Baby mag came out, I got so many emails and texts from readers wanting to know where I got my chair.....and I had to tell them the truth. I couldn’t stand my Poang being in the beautiful photos, so I actually borrowed a beautiful white leather recliner from a local furniture store! Unfortunately, I had to give it back.

I’ve already (actually I started thinking about this the 1st night I got home from hospital with H whilst I was using my horrid chair) thought about my next nursery chair....and unless someone starts to sell reasonably priced chairs for nurseries in Australia, I’m going to go for.......wait for it.......one of the ugly chairs (urgh gross). I know, they are foul but at some point, and this is very difficult for me to say but, I need to think about function over looks. However, it’s not going to be as ugly as normal. It would have a full makeover......spray it white and recover the cushions in some pretty fabric.

PRETTY PLEASE, anyone that sell’s nursery furniture in Australia and is reading this, add some nice chairs to your stock, before I have to do another nursery and use an ugly chair! I want these beautiful chairs.....

images from ohdeedoh, the frog and the princess, the modern kid

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My baby is 1 today!

Can I believe it? NO. My little boy who brings so much love, joy & happiness to our lives is 1. We have just finished having a cuddle at his official birth time (9.07am) and I even got a bit teary!
To my darling baby boy,
It's been 1 year since your hungry little self burst into our world. You have driven me completely mad with your desperate cries for food ever since 9.08am Tuesday 23rd June, 2009! You are mad about food, you squeal, kick, cry until you get your first bottle in the morning and then you do the same from 5pm until you get your tea at 5.30pm!
Did you know that we have had trouble getting hats that fit you ever since you arrived? You have a huge head! In fact, whilst your body has always been in the 75%, your head has always been about 110%! Our maternal health nurse thinks you will grow into it in a few years! Granny knitted you a cute little beanie to wear on the way home from the hospital, but it didn't fit. We put it on anyway and took a photo, because it looked hilarious!

It's not the only time I've done something to you because it looked funny! I'm sorry baby, but mummy dresses you in some funny looking things just for laughs!

You have just started giving sloppy, gross, delicious kisses.....mostly when you are in the bath. You think it's hilarious to give a big fat kiss and then to splash down into the water. But you also like to give kisses when we go swimming and to the supermarket. My heart sings and it makes my day when you give me a kiss.
You have an unhealthy obsession with doors. I never have to worry about where you are because you will be in Mummy & Daddy's room opening and closing the door. Very cheap toy that keeps you entertained for at least 7 minutes.
You also love books.....and you have wayyyyy to many. But you would rather read a book than play with your hundreds of toys.
Mummy & Daddy are worried that you have spoilt us though. When your brothers/sisters come along, we are a little scared we aren't going to get one as good a sleeper or so damn cute as you are!
Thankyou for making our hearts complete and being the start to our family.
Love you Hughbie.
Mummy & Daddy

I know my blog posts have been very sparse lately, but there change afoot for Nest, so the blog has taken a bit of a back seat! I can't tell you what they are yet, but I will soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hughs Woodland 1st Birthday

As promised, get ready for a photo overload of Hugh's party on the weekend!
I decided to do a take on the Woodland theme for his party (using the Owls from Hugh's Nursery as inspiration), but not in the typical green, brown & orange that I'm seeing alot of at the moment. I went for red, navy & aqua colours and incorporated Owls, Gnomes, Toadstools & Timber.

It's pretty challenging at the moment to find alot of boy items in the theme (heaps of girls that have fairy's), so I channelled my inner Amy Atlas (Queen of deserts!), Bakerella (Queen of Cake Pops) and Kim from TomKat Studio (Queen of decorations) and got to work creating H's party! Going back over the photos, I realised I made everything! Pretty proud of that! From the table runners to the bunting to the invites to the food!
I made a welcome and goodbye sign (very basic!)
Outside I put up some bunting (the men did the man thing & hung around outside watching the footy - it was only 12 degrees!)And then there was the sweet table! I made chocolate crackles, fairy bread, popcorn cones, marshmallow toadstools, chocolate nests, lollies & chocolates!Yummy chocolate cracklesI couldn't have ugly sultana boxes on the table, so covered boxes in pretty paper for the babies. I also covered furry friends in pretty paper, but didn't take a photo!I used a bit of wood for the cake standMade the little owl for the cakeApparently the toadstools were delicious....they went to quick for me to try one!

Lollies! Do you know how hard it is to find blue lollies?

Chocolate nests with jellybeans for eggs
This is Winston the Gnome after his makeover. He took care of the savory table (which I didn't get time to take a photo of once it was set up....it was devoured pretty quickly), but we had the normal party food.....sausage rolls, meatballs, spring rolls, cob loaf dip. What everyone did love though was the dip & carrots! All I did was put some hommus or tziki into little shot glasses with a couple sticks of carrot & celery and then everyone had their own individual serves!

Made name tags for our champagne glasses

I even jazzed up some tea bags and made Hugh bags! Although everyone was to busy drinking the champers to worry about tea!

As some extra decoration.....

The birthday boy wearing the very cute t-shirt, Hanging with my Gnomies from Rock Your Baby. He played for a bit then took himself off to his room to read (the boy is obsessed with books!)
Blowing out the candles! He didn't like it when everyone cheered!

Getting his hands on Daddy's cake....
And trying to get his balloons!
Oh I should also add, that we had a slide show on the tv of all his photos going as well just in the background.
AND I actually cut back on a few things that I really wanted to do, but just ran out of time!
Well that's it! Hope you liked! My baby is growing up......luckily I still have another week before his birthday to officially call him my baby!
Now that all that is done, I can get back to concentrating on nurseries!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hugh's Party

Here's a quick look at what happened on the weekend! I'll be back later with more pics & details!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Stating the obvious

Ok......here it is.......kid's furniture & accessories can be down right ugly.

I have a gorgeous contemporary house and finding appropriate items for Hugh that blend in can be challenging.

When I was shopping for something to put the bath toys in, it was all pretty dolphins and over the top characters. I wanted something simple! Then the other day I was thinking about toilet training and happened to have a look in Big W......UGLY! I know they are supposed to be practical items but please manufacturers, I'm not putting ugly, bright things in my house!! Who do they think buys the items for the kids?

Anyway, rant over. I've been keeping an eye out for a little table & chair set for H, and whilst we were shopping in Melbourne recently, I found some gorgeous chairs. Replica Pantone!

I found them in Adairs kids on sale (30% off - woot woot!) and adore them. Now the hunt is on for a little funky table and 2 additional stools. Thinking I might head to Ikea.

So tell me, is there anything that is a must have item but you can't stand how it looks?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I wasn't going to post again today, but have just finished the Marshmallow Mushrooms for H's party & they are looking so cute, I wanted to post a pici....now I'm tres excited!

Off to make chocolate crackles & cake now....oh & I suppose my lunch!

Party Update

Hugh's party is this weekend, so I've been been doing all the little bits & pieces and thought I would share some with you.

I've made 2 table runners out of spotty fabric....one for the sweet table & the other for the savory. 10 points to those of you who spotted the wine glass in the corner (I haven't sewn for years.....it was needed!).

This ugly little Gnome has had a makeover (no, it's not the one that made the news last week for being kidnapped).
Prepping for bunting.....hopefully it's not raining because I've planned for these to go outside along our fence.And the finished product!

Now I just have to make the cake (urgh baking is not my bag baby) and a couple of other little things before I clean the house tomorrow! I've left hubby in charge of 2 things....drinks & putting together a slide show of Hugh's photos to have going in the background....we'll just wait and see if he leaves it all until Saturday morning!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elephant Nursery

I forgot I hadn't shown you this inspiration board I recently completed for a client (and a good friend!). I was flicking through photos of the nursery in it's current state & noticed a cute little elephant on the toy box.....and it became the inspiration piece to the room (see here where I showed you one of the prints we were going to use).

The brief I received was that it had to be gender neutral, something funky and easy to add colour to once bub is born! I specified quite a few custom pieces (we had Elephant decals custom made by Little Bird Decor & we also had a custom print made by My Sweet Prints) and alot of items from Etsy.
Now my clients have been giving the credit card a good working out, the items have arrived & I'm heading down to help them set it up next Monday! I can't wait to see all the bits & pieces together and put it all up.

So here's the board (it's pre-photoshop so looks different to how I would do it now!) & the break down of all the items I specified.

And now for the breakdown:
1. We’ll use these gorgeous tree decals on the wall opposite the robe, so it’s the standout feature when you walk into the room. They are available from Etsy: Art Wall Project for $78 USD. Available in a huge range of colours, but we’ll stick with white (for the birds as well).
2. How cute are these elephant decals! Also from Etsy: Lola Decor, ($20 USD) these come in white as well and we need them to be facing right. These will go on the left hand side as you walk into the nursery, down on the skirting boards. I would go for Grey for the 2 end elephants & white pattern for the middle.
3. 3 of these elephant water colours by Etsy: Trafalger Square ($16 USD each), in simple white frames will go horizontally along the wardrobe wall (as you walk in, on the right hand side).
4. To add some colour & pattern to the room, I really like this mobile. Perfect for above the change table, I think it would be pretty easy to make (or you could buy from Etsy: Mere 1975 $40 USD). The one I’ve shown on the board, is gender neutral and not to tizzy or over the top (easier to see what it will look like on the Mere website)!
5. You might like a clock in the nursery and this one suit’s perfectly ($48 USD). It’s from Etsy: Decolab.
6. I’ve got a couple of elephant pillows for your rocking chair here.....one is a really neutral one & the other would be perfect for a boy colour scheme. The first is from Etsy: Red Door Home ($32.95 USD) & the other is from Etsy: Owl & Finch (an Australian seller for $19USD).
7. Now this is gorgeous! They come in different colours & will have your babies name as the pattern! From the Wallsticker Company for $80. Colour would be pending if you have a boy or a girl and not sure about location, but probably beside the window (on the right hand side facing it).
8. I would pop a couple of white floating shelves above the change table for some extra display space. Available from any hardware store and they start about $35 each.
9. Now you have a bit more display space, I love these cute white suitcases from Baby’s Got Style (I’d display them on your tall boy). Handy for popping in all those little items (Congratulation Cards, hospital tags etc)!
10. I love this very simple but effective idea. Spotlight sell individual letters, buy A, B & C and paint them in one of our colour scheme colours & pop them on the shelves above the change table.
11. Once your little one arrives, you could order one of the wooden name plates from Bambini Pronto.
12. A comfy chair is a must, which you already have! To make it suit the room, how about painting it white (ohhh do you feel like you could?) and cover the foam in some of this fabric from Kelani Fabrics. I’d also recommend getting a footstool! Perfect for elevating your swollen ankles and for Hubby to sit on to give your feet a rub! I have one of these (in white faux leather) from Fantastic Furniture which has been great (also helpful when you have to sit by the cot to pat bub off to sleep!).
13. Another customised print to order after bub’s is born! You pick the colours and all done....from Etsy: Babybyrds ($16 USD).
14. Because the room is so large, it needs to be grounded a bit (rather than have all the furniture floating around the edge). I’d love to see a fluffy rug, something like the Flotaki from Ikea ($149), in the middle of the room. It will also add some texture.
15. You’ll also need a side table for your bits & pieces when you’re stuck in the chair feeding! A touch lamp with 3 settings would be great for when you stumble in there at 3am! Beacon Lighting have a good range, but I do like the Jay Touch (just make sure it is a 3 touch one, you want very dim lighting at night).
16. Little baskets like these from Ikea or even Sam’s Warehouse are great for holding nappies, wipes, lotions etc. 2 or 3 on both shelves.
18. For your cot, I would just start off with a couple of plain white fitted sheets & a plain white blanket. You can get some gorgeous quilts like what I have shown, but I’d wait & see if baby is a mover (you might go down the sleeping bag path). Of course, they do look beautiful on display. The leaf one is from Etsy: Cocoaandmilkweed and cost $38 USD).
19. There are heaps of things I could show you that would look great on display, but these are pretty cute to. These blocks can come as they are or you can get them personalised, they’d look great on top of toy box. They are from Etsy: Tiny Giraffe for $15 USD.

Colour Combos
Our initial palette will be very neutral. We’ll stick with your wall colour (Solver Smoke Pearl) but add the white decals to lift the colour, and add natural colours & textures in (bring out colours like the leaf rug, grey’s, burnt yellows). That way, once bub is born you can add Navy, Red & Green accents if it’s a boy or Red or Aqua if it’s a girl! Note: The colours I’ve shown on the concept board are just little bursts of colour (toys etc), the majority of the room would stay very neutral.

I'll pop up some photos when we finish putting it together!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Nellie at McCarthy Designs, you have won the $55 Buyster voucher!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blogger hates me

Ok, so twice in the last couple of days I've written posts only for the posts not to save or publish!!!! I bet this one posts now!
Anyway, I'll be back on Monday with something interesting....can't be bothered writing it up AGAIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspiration Board: Whimsical

I was contacted by the lovely Rebecca about getting some ideas together for her daughter, Ester, nursery.
Rebecca had already purchased all the big ticket items, made some curtains (Ikea - tree fabric) and had some images of throws etc that she would like to incorporate & use as inspiration.
As Rebecca is based in the US (and I'm not!) I couldn't really specify to much, but put together more of an idea's board using bit's & pieces from Etsy.
The brief was to create a whimsical nursery full of colour and this is what we got......

What do you think?
Stay tuned, because Rebecca is going to email me some photos once she's put it together!
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