Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip

Next week we are heading to Sydney for Designex and also to visit my brother.....what are your suggestions for 'must do's' with kids in Sydney? We are going to go to Taronga Zoo one day, but haven't really planned anything else.
Let me know your suggestions!


Amanda said...

How exciting - I love Sydney. I haven't been there with kids but perhaps you could visit the Sydney Aquarium?

Janette said...

I was just going to suggest the same thing as Amanda, the Sydney Aquarium. I haven't taken Will but one of the mums from my mothers group took her boy when he was about Hugh's age and he loved it. The zoo will be great too. You can catch a ferry there which would be fun. I'll put my thinking cap on and email you if I think of anything else:)

Bubby Makes Three said...

My first thought was the aquarium too! I havnt been with Fern... but I must must must! Maybe a trip to Bondi beach? Walk through the Botanical Gardens? The Imax at Darling Harbour?

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