Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny side up

Sorry, I've been a bit awol the last few days......problems with the internet!
Sitting out on my deck playing with little H, I am inspired by yellow today! I'm not normally a huge fan of yellow (being red head makes me look very washed out when I wear it), however when the right shade is used inside, it can make the room look so sweet.
I just love this room! It's so soft & pretty but the yellow has really given it some punch!
Using hot pink as a contrast colour

Making yellow a bit more masculine by adding blues

Such a bright fun room & I love the splashed of red

In a nursery I love seeing lemons with baby blue, corals & mints. Personally I don't like bright yellows in baby rooms, but think brighter yellow look so good in living rooms like this

image from here

Well off to enjoy some more sunshine!



Annie@A View On Design said...

ah yes, love yellow!!! isn't it great if used well!

Amanda said...

I adore that first room - such a gorgeous colour combination. I've gone with hits of soft yellow in my little girl's room but for our next baby, would love to use a mint/aqua in the nursery. Gorgeous pics x

{Arianna Belle} said...

I love yellow paired with neutrals like in that last photo of the living room! So pretty!

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