Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colour Combo: Grey & Pink

I have to be honest, one colour combo I am sick to death of seeing (and was never a big fan of anyway) is Chocolate Brown with Pink or Blue! Sorry no offence intended if that's what you have.
Now, you should know by now that Grey is the new Black and that....I am a massive fan of!

A soft grey with a punchy pink or a pastel pink is lovely for your little one's room. Add in some yellow & orange for extra pizazz!

images from project nursery, rate my space, ohdedoh


artis1111 said...

I saw your comment on Rate My Space and poped over to see your blog. I love these colors. Kathy

Engracia said...

I would never have considered it and I just love it. Especially the looks in images 2 and 4.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful nurseries!!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

They're all so GIRLY and cute!

Jen Ramos

Janette said...

Just beautiful Belinda, I love all of them!

Ashlee Andersen said...

Ever since I found out I am having a girl, I have been dreaming in grey and pink! This is perfect thanks!

Sara said...

oh my goodness I have just discovered your blog!! Brilliant!

Jennifer C said...

In the top image with the butterflies hanging from the ceiling, who is the artwork by? Any way to find out?
Thank you!

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