Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sidetracked.....Hugh's 1st birthday

Well I did say that my posts would be a bit sparse this week but while I was searching the net for ideas for my logo & blog I got a little sidetracked!
I've been putting together some idea's for Hugh's 1st birthday party and it all fell into place tonight!

It's going to have a little something to do with......

Now you will all just have to wait until June to see the end result!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!

I'm mad about customising & personalising your space! There are so many items on the market now that can be made to your specifications.
Here are just some items that I've found recently that you can add your little ones name or even hand print to!

Yes, I had one made for Hugh's room & when another baby comes along they will get one to! From Bambini Pronto
How cute is this! From Etsy - Graphicspaces

These dolls can be made to look like your daughter (or son). Just let them know hair colour etc! From Etsy Lil Sprinkles

You have to check out the website from Little Critters.....they will create a print from your little one's hand or foot print!

Or how about some of these gorgeous prints for their wall from Lollipop Baby?
On a side note.....have you seen Hugh's room which was in Little One Baby magazine? Well in the 'Hugh's style' section, this My mum is Owlsome onesie was featured......I love it!

Style Me Gorgeous also do these adorable prints!

And you know by now that I love love love the stuff that Janette over at My Sweet Prints does!

Lucky last are these cute retro pillows from Red Wagon, your precious one's name can be added!

Colour Combo: Grey & Pink

I have to be honest, one colour combo I am sick to death of seeing (and was never a big fan of anyway) is Chocolate Brown with Pink or Blue! Sorry no offence intended if that's what you have.
Now, you should know by now that Grey is the new Black and that....I am a massive fan of!

A soft grey with a punchy pink or a pastel pink is lovely for your little one's room. Add in some yellow & orange for extra pizazz!

images from project nursery, rate my space, ohdedoh

Friday, March 26, 2010


You're indestructible, always believe in....sorry sidetracked by Spandau Ballet for a minute!

image from decorpad

Just checking out a few websites and found this Gold & Yellow Nursery. Not something I would have considered for a nursery before, but I'll file that in my inspiration box for future!

Off to find another song, because now I can't get Gold out of my head!

some blogging love

Thanks to Amanda over at Homely one for yesterday's Sunshine award! Always nice to realise I'm not just typing all of this for me!
My blogs will be a bit sparse next week, trying to make my blog a bit prettier & really need to make a decision on my new logo! Plus I've picked up a new builder who I will be doing colours for (wooot wooot!).
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etsy finds!

I love etsy, so many creative and unique finds! Here's a few of my favourites that work perfectly in your little one's room!
A gorgeous quilt from Sewn Natural
Cute Owl (Red & Owls - 2 of my favourite things!) from Socktopus
Styling it up with colourful bunting from Giggleberry Creations
Pop this up on the wall for a striking bit of art from Creative Neesh
Makeover a tired set of drawers with these cute handles from Wisterialane Boutique

So what are you waiting for? Go hunt out something special on etsy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carousel Theme Room

A lovely old friend of mine got in touch recently, they are expecting their first bub & have asked me to help (try and hold me back!). We got talking about somethings they had seen and liked and that got me thinking about what I could do for them......after just an initial chat I'm thinking of a carousel theme! They aren't going to find out if it's a boy or a girl, but I've got ideas that will suit either. So let the fun begin!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty thing

I love this image (although can't remember where it is from - if you know, tell me!), would be gorgeous in a nursery. So peaceful!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue, how I love you

Blue is my all time favourite colour. In fact I painted my room blue when I was a teenager, Hugh's room is blue & when I have a daughter, I think her room will be blue too (at this stage anyway!).
It's such a versatile colour (really I thinks it's the paint colour equivalent of the little black dress) and it's various shades can be used with so many different colour combinations. Check out some of these gorgeous nursery's (sorry I didn't make a note of where any of them are from but think most are from here & here).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet baby girl

Have you seen this gorgeous room from Caitlin Wilson (an interior designer based in Dubai)? It's her daughters room & I just love the colour combinations she has used.
All images from here
Happy hump day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cubby Houses

Wow, I probably shouldn't call these cubby houses, more like luxury play houses! Have a look at some of these amazing little houses....I want one! I wonder if it would fit in my 3 meter backyard?!
images from poshtots

Work in progress

On a bit of a tangent...no nursery inspiration today. I'm doing a bit of a makeover to an old console (will show photos once it's done), plus I'm hoping by making my to do list public, I will get it all done!!!
We've been in our new home 8 months (yes, we moved in 3 weeks before baby H joined us!!!) and there are quite a few projects on my list to do.

1. Find table lamps for our bedside tables.....am I super fussy because there isn't a single one I like?! Actually I did find 1 but I wanted 2 of them and there is only 1 left in Australia. I'm after something silver & white (we have a dark grey wall behind our bed)......something like this

image from here

2. Make a bed head. I like to think I can make things and I don't want to pay a heap so I'm on the look out for the right fabric.

Bedroom to look something like this when I'm done! Image from Sarah Richardson

3. Find a cool chair and dresser for our master bedroom. I did just look at one on e-bay which would look funky but not convinced yet. I also need a narrow dresser/bench and a pretty mirror to put above it!

4. Finally get to Freedom (our next trip to Melbourne) and get me a silver dome light.

image from here

5. And this 1 is the point of my post.....do SOMETHING with my difficult wall in our Lounge!!! We have a gorgeous white leather corner suite that is against this 'difficult' wall and we have a highlight window above it (why I decided to put this window here, I'll never know!), so very limited wall space but the room desperately needs an injection of colour. So the makeover I'm working on is destined for this space. Here's a before picture (ignore H's toys & mess!)....

6. Now I'm nearly ashamed to even put this up.....this is my pile of magazines that I haven't gotten around to reading/ripping apart since Hugh was born, so this goes on the list to.

I'm going to see my Grandma in regional NSW tomorrow, so I'll be back on board Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!
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